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invincible's. then we will have someone from california to talk about immigration. pardon me. weekends,w, on the "book tv" is on c-span two. will be featuring helena, montana. we have local content. we go on the road and visit with cities throughout the nation and learn the literary history. you will see those segments this weekend on "book tv" and tv." here istory a portion. citiess one of the few on our preconceived the spires of the cathedral and not have people fighting with each other. cathedralres of the and minarets and not have people fighting with each other between the two places. government. people understand and appreciate what government can do and cannot do. they know what it does well and what it does not do well. we have a lot of young families and people who love to mountain bike and ski or walk on trails. they kayak in the summer. it is a very active population. the biggest of expansion of this town since the statehood in 1889 -- we have struggled over these last 10 or 15 years to maintain the quality of life in small-town feeling and intimacy that people have around
basis for our country. and that is immigration reform. by refusing to act on comprehensive immigration reform, there is great cost to the american people in job the undermining of the rule of law and destruction of the opportunities that will arise by tackling this head on. the longer bewe delay passing comprehensive immigration reform, the greater the cost of inaction in both economic, human, and security terms. every week that congress is in session for the rest of the year, i'll be here on the floor talking about the cost of naction on immigration reform. in this, there's a clear path forward a comprehensive immigration reform bill. a compromise took a little give and take from both sides. bill supported by the labor community, by the faith community, by farmers and farmworkers that passed the united states senate with more than a 2/3 majority. we've introduced a similar bill here in the house with a growing numb of bipartisan co-sponsors and are encourage the speaker and majority leader to bring this bill to a vote with we have confidence it will pass. our economy will suffer treme
an italian problem. >> definitely not. the biggest part of these immigrants - they wish to go to germany, norway, other parts of europe. at this moment there's a more flourishing economy. this is an historical situation in which people are leaving their home lands because of the change of the climate. because of wars, it's a massive activity. >> this is the center which the italian authorities built to house mying rapts on lamb -- migrants on lampedusa. it was built for 250, maximum 300. there's a lot more than that here these days. at the moment there are over 700 inside. we were not given permission to enter. >> so through the fence we spoke to mohammed from damascus. how was his sea journey from lampedusa? >> so dangerous, so crowded. the waves and the sea - it's too dangerous. >> what do you want now? what is your dream for the future? >> to complete my studies. to have respect. >> lampedusa was a sleepy place known for fishermen and sun sets. now it has a fame it never desired, as the island which people risk everything to reach. >>> one year ago today the east coast braced itself
. barack obama wants to pass immigration reform. he wants to have a strong infrastructure bill. he's offered a deal, compromise that would combine long-term corporate tax reform and infrastructure investment as a pro-growth, pro-jobs grand bargain your he has many, many priorities he wants, and none of them in our system can get through without the cooperation of the republicans in the united states congress. that is the leverage that is given the minority party in our government. that is the leverage that is given even if you control even one house. and so in 1997 when we did the balanced budget agreement and i was one of the negotiators, we just had the white house and they have both houses of congress. but, of course, we have leverage over each other. if they wanted the medicare savings they wanted, that they want to lower the capital gains, they had to get bill clinton to change his position. if we're going to get the children's health initiative, the hope scholarship, investment funding for education, we have to get their cooperation. that is the mutual leverage that leads to
, let's do a budget, a farm bill, and immigration reform. he drops the mike and leaves. changingee the tone is so much and the expectations in the house are changing, because we just got passed a major showdown in congress, so maybe people are worn down and want to get something done. host: what does it do when it comes to the topic of sequester or sequestration cuts that are supposed to affect next year? guest: that is the key of this whole deal. the house and senate spending numbers they have been working off so far are different in large part because the house, the republicans in the house are working off a number that accounts for the sequester cuts having. the democrats in the senate, not so. as a result of that, what you have is they are looking for sequester replacement. they are trying to find savings elsewhere in the budget. these savings can either be spending cuts or this sort of closing of tax loopholes, these tax expenditures, and either way you are looking for some way to bridge the gap, it is about a $90 billion gap, so it is not easy. there might be some way to find
economic council called on congress to pass immigration legislation. he said those measures would encourage foreign investment in the you s. >> i think more needs to be done, and i will put it in two categories. one or more additional policies that we need cooperation from our congress to implement, to help make us more competitive and more attractive to you. second is how we organize ourselves and the messages he said, which we have more control over. on the policies, some of the things the president is pushing right now, which do for all our divisions have more bipartisan support and you would think, is comprehensive immigration reform, which would increase the need for skilled labor, that many people say is critical to their location decisions. this is a very top priority of the president. as is making sure our training programs are more demand driven, that we are working with you and community college, so if you want to locate here, there someone who says if you are unsure whether there is a particulars till need that -- particular skill need, we will work you -- we will work with you t
from phil taylor they're being forced to live for immigrants that can be worse. it's becoming so it's been a delightful to put themselves in squalid conditions knew better than the ones they left behind the pistol was taken some call it a city within a city other is a refugee ghetto it's like coming to an african refugees from four african countries over twelve hundred people crammed inside a former university building in role. no known as ceylon balance. the abc's it all tony gave me mean you deserve it yet please do not the one who else to film inside the greens the doctor treating the refugees agreed to describe the conditions be with them all the time of the so called top of the city five times in thirty five showers and eighteen percent of the need to be and eight and as earl smith and their condition. actually alot of people sleep in the car blowing thousands of refugees have been flocking to italy mainly across the mediterranean in search of a better life but the country's appalling economic problems including the worst recession since the second world war provided very littl
else. it helps -- it's helped the immigrant community. too often we find in houston, where we have a lot of immigrants from all over the world, that someone is in the united states, they are assaulted by someone else that's in the united states, both undocumented, and the batter tells the victim that if you call the police, i'm going to send you back to where you came from. now, he can't do that. but she thinks he can do that. and so she doesn't call the police. and this guy gets away with hurting her and plus she continues to be victimized. we changed that law because they can come forward, they can get a special visa, they can testify. they can get this person prosecuteded a he should. so it's a good people of legislation and we certainly need to be enforcing the rules under the law. people that i have come in contact with over the years have impacted me and of course many of those have been victims of crime, many of those victims of domestic violence. one that i met after i came here to congress was a wonderful lady that lives real close to us. he lives over in maryland. she's m
've got to make sure congress is supportive of that. we've got to fix a broken immigration system so that we are welcoming more talented workers and entrepreneurs from around the world. so if companies are coming here to locate and they've got a key individual that they need to bring over to make sure that the company's doing what it needs to do, that it's not a tangle of red tape. and the good news is we know we've got bipartisan support for immigration reform. we just make sure we have to get it done this year. we've got to continue to make smart investments in research and development, education, infrastructure, all the things that historically have made america the most attractive place on the planet for businesses to invest. we've got to build on that success. that's who we are as a country. we have a tradition here of tackling new challenges, adapting to new circumstances, seizing new opportunities. that's one of the reasons that history shows over the last two centuries that when you bet on america, that bet pays off. so to all the business leaders here today and around the wo
weight lobbying campaign under way to push comprehensive immigration reform. it's week applied by the chamber of commerce is forward.u.s. among others. it's a group founded by facebook's m
of immigrants who witnessed firsthand the bigotry that targeted italian-americans and he overcame the taunts and the stereotypes to achieve elected office and to assume the most powerful roles in the executive branch of government. in the nixon and ministration, -- in the nixon administration, he led a memorable battle for school integration. he faced down a government intent on trying to stop busing despite a unanimous supreme court decision that schools must be integrated. decision a gut level and chose to stand up for what he thought was right. in spite of the risks to his own career. that story did not end well for him. he was forced to resign. secretary panetta led the pentagon's repeal of don't ask don't tell policy, which had barred gays and lesbians from serving openly. he made history by extending military benefits to same-sex couples. one of his final acts before leaving the pentagon was to rescind the ban on women serving in combat. last vestige of rules barring servicewomen from serving in combat and it paves the way for the largest expansion of their role on the front lines. pan
are immigrated from different countries. so for that reason they're loyal to their home country thereby from different places. thought it would be nice if everybody would support the local industry. new trade deal with your complete the competition for one think it still is even tougher by removing strict parents on imports canada and the eu will soon get greater access street of those markets. the deal could bring down the cost of imported ones from countries like prawns in a falling wall that may be welcomed by consumers is of concern to ontario's one matrix. local wineries in the face stiff price competition from european producers it'll also be cheap but the only one making equipment from the eu most if not all of our cakes barrels will come for the most part from europe's of getting into the open terrace reduced to zero and i will be important to us the deal does bring with it the chance to sell more one more for you to your seats a saturated market. our export focused and city in places that are about wine growing regions themselves like the show. i swam was for the grail breaker for r
discussed the state of the global economy and called on congress to pass an immigration bill, reform the tax code, and replace across-the-board spending cuts note a sequestration. this portion of the conference is 15 minutes. >> thank you for that very kind introduction. it is great to be with you this morning. i want to thank the commerce department for hosting the first select usa summit i'm here with a very simple message. we do not take investment in the united states progress ted -- for granted. it is important for our prosperity. in our increasingly global economy, the united states cannot settle for the status quo. that's why president obama made fueling america's competitiveness the cornerstone of his economic policies. our economy is the largest in the world and looking to the future, we need to make it stronger by improving worker training and education, upgrading our infrastructure, and growing our manufacturing base. the truth is, there are additional things we can add and do to make america even stronger as a magnet for investment. before talking about what make ours economy suc
and education. second, congress should finish comprehensive immigration reform and send a bill to the president for his signature. the senate has already passed bipartisan legislation and it's awaiting passage in the house of representatives. this immigration legislation would strengthen our borders, chart a path to earned citizenship and increase economic growth by more than $1 trillion. it drives growth by attracting highly skilled scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to our country. it will bring greater investment in the united states from beyond our shores, create new job opportunities, ignite new consumer demand and spark business activity. it would do all of this while increasing payroll tax revenue that would reduce our deficit and put social security and medicare in a more stable footing. another bipartisan bill that can strengthen our economy is the farm bill. bipartisan legislation that's passed the senate is designed to protect america's farmers, ranchers and provide a safety net for america's most vulnerable children. the farm bill conferees have an opportunity to work together
to sign up for healthcare. and then california congressman jeff denham talks about immigration reform and why he will join democrats in co-sponsoring a plan to give immigrants the chance to attain citizenship plus your emails, phone calls an tweets. ive at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> john foster dulles had recently died when that airport was being recently built and president eisenhower announced it would be named dulles airport. after kennedy took over, he did not want to name it after him. finally the decision was made to name it after dulles. you can still see the film clip of kennedy opening the airport with eisenhower there and alan dulles there and he pulls back the curtain and behind the curtain is this giant bust of john foster dulles and that stands in the middle of this big airport. i went to see it while i was writing this book and i could no not find. i started asking the security guards where is the big bust of dulles. nobody had even heard of it. it was a long process and thanks to the airport authority, i discovered that the bust had been taken away from the middle of th
away at to the point where now again from issue to issue, immigration, health care reform and certainly on foreign policy you're seeing a robust left presence. i want to go back. i think the more interesting thing here is the new coalitions forming. when you see code pink and freedom work joining together for a rally. >> that means the world is over. >> that means america has to is the up and take notice we're doing something really troubling. hopefully the president will show leadership and take accountability for it. >> in a weird way not everything has to be partisan. >> lets not go too crazy. >> not get ahead of ourselves. waiting for president obama to speak at the welcoming ceremony for new fbi director james comey. >>> former vice president dick cheney cast in a new light. we will discuss cheney doctrine and peter baker's incredibly awesome new book next on "now." ready to run your lines? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ under hi
countries now also from the eastern one tenth the whole region is full of immigrants of the night owl or police or a teasing gadget and it is wrong. t t then about two days of leave all also you must be. sold this world the eu has pledged to give an additional thirty million euros for italy to build more shelters for the refugees but it's unlikely this will help create new jobs will ease the flow of remembrance altogether. people just off rt. senior in his venture capital with just a tee to green but before we get some of the week's images from the mint the flames record breaking journey across russia over the snow hundred days before the winter games in sochi. the end of the play was continuing its ambitious relay. it's already been to the north pole added just a few days. most of the international space station. torches policy through the towns and cities of the world's biggest country. the tory russia's north. he gets melty telkom is a full selection of videos and pictures from the admin big things the un. cz the allstate morning i think i frightened jersey. and when i became a co
? >> if helping kids with their homework and teaching immigrant women english is terrorist activities then i guess so. i don't know, i don't think there is any reason to believe that an organization with good people, trying to do good work would be engaged in any type of activity. >> so this one of the secret documents that was leaked to the associated press. and what it does is it talks about multiple mosques and organizations and people that we know so that are mentioned in here and when i saw first saw it, so it says, it's looking at confidential informant profiles and looking for the right people to infiltrate particular centers or organizations. here we're number two. >> whoa, there you are huh. >> and that's what's so hurtful about this nypd spying program is that our own community mistrust each other. mistrusting law enforcement is one thing, we'll get over that one day, but the fact that we, our fabric of our community is broken is what really hurts me the most that people can't trust each other. you come this country because it's america, because it's about liberty and justice and freedom
, and then congressman jeff denham talks about immigration reform and why he will join democrats in cosponsoring a plan that will give millions of unauthorized immigrants the chance to obtain citizenship. >> this is a tough time for in a say where everyone says what are you doing or why are you doing it. actuallyet together we say it is much more important that we defendy this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up this program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today telling you why we thended these programs giving them up and having our nation and our allies being attacked and people killed. >> intelligence officials defend the nsa surveillance program at an intelligence hearing. sunday, your comments .or kitty kelly that is at noon on book tv. tv,on american history remembering john f. kennedy. accounts of kennedy possis assassination. kennedy's assassination. >> this was originally painted as my grandmother's official white house orchard. in the 1960s lady bird johnson went looking for portraits of first ladies to rehabbing in the wh
, infrastructure and education. second, congress should finish comprehensive immigration reform and send a bill to the president for his signature. the senate has already passed bipartisan legislation and it's awaiting passage in the house of representatives. this immigration legislation would strengthen our borders, chart a path to earned citizenship and increase economic growth by more than $1 trillion. it drives growth by attracting highly skilled scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to our country. it will bring greater investment in the united states from beyond our shores, create new job opportunities, ignite new consumer demand and spark business activity. it would do all of this while increasing payroll tax revenue that would reduce our deficit and put social security and medicare in a more stable footing. another bipartisan bill that can strengthen our economy is the farm bill. bipartisan legislation that's passed the senate is designed to protect america's farmers, ranchers and provide a safety net for america's most vulnerable children. the farm bill conferees have an opportunity
immigration. we have 3.1 people -- 3.1 million people come here every year. i think there is opportunity. i believe in hope and change. i believe in a better world. i don't speak for north dakota. the good people out here are probably the toughest men i have ever met in my life out here did -- out here. i see whole crews of women landscapers, men in the oil fields, there are mostly white and black eyes out here. the idea that you need illegal immigrants to work the business, or even the harvested -- i worked in the harvest and there were a lot of mexicans but a lot of white guys to. a lot of indians even. say, i the hard part to do not understand why democrats, women who have a child that is even if he has an education he's finished. i have been -- i am 49 and i have been through the ringer of reverse discrimination. i don't know how you vote against the interest of your race and people. we have to have a loyalty or your children are going to be finished. thank you for sharing your story. if you are just tuning in or joining us on c-span radio, which is heard nationwide, we have moved to xm
in medicare benefits to thousands of dead people and illegal immigrants from 2009 to 2011. next, $200. that's how much this guy in texas has to pay after he was arrested for keeping a library book for three years. finally, 200%. that's how much olympian ryan lochte tipped his servers at a steakhouse after dinner with his friends. >> at least he had his shirt on. >> that's good. time travel romantic comedy about time and vegas comedy, "last vegas," hits theaters today. taking on topics that have already been done. but are their all-star cast enough to get to us cough up money to see them. >> joining us is, kevin mccarthy. >> good morning. it's an honor to be here on doocy and friends. >> i made one mistake. >> brian, i preorder your book. i'm upset because i saw elisabeth already has an advance copy and she's on chapter 2 already. >> i am. i'm on chapter 3 now. >> i want to direct the movie, brian. when it comes out, that's all i'm saying. >> speaking of movies, i think looks hilarious. it's "last vegas". older guys who we've loved for years went back to vegas, baby. >> here is
of maryland medical system. the son of immigrants from cuba who made sacrifices for their children's education, rodriguez studied hard. he has specialties in plastic and reconstructive surgery, cranial facial surgery, oral surgery, as well as microsurgery, which meant he was uniquely qualified to treat richard's injuries. >> when you're missing the upper and lower lip, it's a very difficult area to recreate. so we could have done surgery on him forever. he never would have looked normal or would have functioned normal. >> reporter: dr. rodriguez realized what richard needed was something that had never been done before, a full face transplant. the doctor had heard about the first partial face transplant carried out in france in 2005. and at the same time, the department of defense was funding research to advance the treatment of severely injured u.s. troops returning from the wars in afghanistan and iraq. rodriguez secured that research funding which would be used to treat richard. what was it about richard's injuries that made him perfect for trying to create the kind of science needed? >> th
the boilers and electrical systems of the island's museum that documents decades of immigrant arrivals. the site had no power for months after the storm. more than a million photographs and other artifacts remain in storage while renovations continue. pediatricians are urging parents to limit children's access to tweeting, texting, and other online activities to two hours a day. the american academy of pediatrics published its new policy today in its journal "pediatrics." the group noted that unrestricted screen time and communications have been linked to cyber-bullying, obesity, and sleeplessness. jury selection opened in london today in the first criminal trial triggered by a phone- hacking scandal. rebekah brooks and andy coulson are former editors of rupert murdoch's "news of the world" tabloid, now out of business. they allegedly plotted to hack the phones of celebrities, politicians, and crime victims, and illegally paid public officials for information. wall street's week started on a subdued note. the dow jones industrial average lost a point to close below 15,569. the nasdaq f
've been forgotten. >>> and the largest immigration fraud find in u.s. history is expected this week. john miller on the future for tech giant and the man who blew the whistle. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you right at 7:00. >> all right. nora, we'll be watching. thank you. >>> 6:50 now. a famous country singer involved in a deadly accident. we'll have the very latest on that and the reason the driver may not be ticketed in that tour bus crash coming up. looking >>> passengers say their airline imprisoned them. i'm mark kelly. coming up, a live report from oakland international on what's being called the flight from hell. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i research
is this. obama care is not just any piece of legislation. it's not like immigration. not like a tax hike. obama care is the core of the new expansion of the liberal idea. this is sort of the continuation of the new deal. the continuation of a great society. in a sense the way liberals portrayed it, it is the completion of the entitlement state. the one element that separated us from the rest of the advanced industrial countries saying we were the only one with people who were not covered. now we're going to enter into the realm of those who insure and protect everybody. if this collapses, this huge expansion of the entitlement state, this essential nationalization of one sixth of the u.s. economy, i think that discredits the entire enterprise of the expansion of government which is at the heart of obamaism. that's why liberals are running zar escared. not just one election. it's the ideology that the government knows best, the government will take care of you. put your trust in the government or as obama said you didn't build it, the government did. it can't even construct a website. >>
the immigration thing will chase more away further. but with white folks, they've been doing extremely well. when he have a white candidate, like, say, hillary, it will be different than barack. >> let me say, first of all, it's great that christie is campaigning for black votes. it would be great for our system, if we republicans campaign and we were so divided by race and culture as opposed no ideology. i'm glad he's doing that. that said, important factor to remember here, tour'e, barbara bono is not hillary clinton -- >> let me write that down. >> i don't know we should say because christie is doing well, not very strong democrat, that he'll do that well in 2016 against hillary clinton who is much stronger and has much higher approval ratings. we shouldn't read too much from christie's look into tomorrow into three years down the road when he's facing much stronger competition. >> it's hard to project but there's a lot of discussion also about the black electorate being loyal to president obama, snl had fun with that this weekend. >> it's been a difficult month for the president. the most rec
in federal traction leading to the passage of reactionary sterilization and immigration laws. for the most part the dominant relationship between eugenics and contemporary genomics is that the former can be neatly circumscribed within a particular historical era, that of the. roughly between 1900-1930, and that any residual effects of its legacy can be attributed to a few individual scientists who continue to search for the biological inferiority of women, blacks and other minority groups, or even to no that expected parents who want quote unquote designer children. i depart from this ideal by casting eugenics as an early example of heredity capacity to shift public debate away from material and social inequities to the pathologies of particular bodies. during the progressive era, the scientific worldview of eugenics cast of biological science of salvation from the extreme poverty, civil unrest and overall exploitation associate with internationalization. the major consequences of the industrial revolution so the narrative with were really the product of unfit reading. a particular signifi
for the history of the english-speaking peoples since 1900. she recounted her family's immigration to the united states on booktv. >> it was difficult to register an emotional voicebox, but uncle frank said he thought he was caught up in something he had no way of understanding and it is not true, they can put you in prison, you have a visa and you have papers. did you tell them how long we had been coming here. uncle frank asked uncle joseph to put the officer on the phone again and he is going to call, the officer said. he can't, heat 81 years old, he is an old man. uncle frank been asked if he could speak to my uncle one last time. cbp officers said we are to have a translator for him and hung up. at 11:00 p.m., but uncle was given chips and soda and again in 1145, he signed a form saying that his personal property was returned to him. this includes the money plus the wristwatch and i received my phone call and that 4:20 a.m., my own was transported to the detention area and by then my uncle wrapped the blanket he was given tightly around him as he curled in a fetal position on the cement bed
. but let's be honest, this is war and immigration policy, or merely people to people exchange. so we don't have reasons for suspicion. and so in particular, because of the mutual suspicions between iran and the united states, i think any progress pers rapprochement is likely to come in a later case. i'm an optimist and i hope it can happen both of the nuclear impasse. the folks are pushing a very heavy rock up a hill. [applause] >> thank you, dr. clawson. our third speaker will be set up to, founder and president of the american iranian council. [applause] >> first, welcome and good afternoon. i want first to take this opportunity to thank you, mr. clawson and john and kayvon and the people who had done this. i'm very fortunate to have the behind these activities. i am hoping that one point they take the leadership of organizations back and i'm sure they will. [inaudible] >> you don't hear that? [inaudible] spin out okay, shout. i'm sorry. i was just saying that i'm honored to have these young people, rouhani, john and away the behind this work, these young people that hopefully in the n
's falsified performance records, potentially, and it imagined immigration center in the uk for immigrant detainees. women have come out saying that they were sexually co-othersed. those are significant things. >> i would say they are very significant. and, yet, the obama administration, after these allegations came to light, increased the amount of federal dollars that this company could be receiving. is there any connection between the people who run the company and the obama administration? >> there is not a direct connection. but i do think that if you look at sort of their lobbying record. they have spent more than a million dollars in recent years on lobbying and political contributions. and you really see that kind of playing out. >> political contributions to the obama campaign? >> yeah, there was about $6,000 worth. >> right. so they basically made a rational economical could you legs, we're going to spend this much money lobbying to get a government contract from the obama administration and it paid off? >> yeah, and i think that's true. you look at the guy they chose to do it.
to your attention toward what happens when they put all these illegal immigrants into the system? are we going to go bankrupt? is insurance going to go sky high? these politicians -- and they are in there, and i don't understand -- do they have shares in the stock for the drug companies and the insurance companies? because somebody is making an awful lot of money on this. host: ok, roland from new hampshire this morning. that is going to do for this precipitate -- for this first segment of "washington journal" this morning. our next segment, we will be at the bureau of the "mother jones ." davidrst guest will be jones. this is a magazine spotlights. later on, we will be joined by domestic policy reporter stephanie mencimer to discuss her study and welfare benefits. we will be right back. ♪ >> john foster dulles had recently died when the super airport in chantilly virginia was being built, and president eisenhower immediately announced that the airport would be named dulles airport. for a while after kennedy took over, he did not want to named over a crusty old warrior, but the decisio
immigration reform done starting with trade promotion authority which has reminded me every president had since 1994 but also ttp and tpip to make sure that we are at the center of the network of agreements. together with our legal system and education system, our access to energy to make this really the driver of the exports, the platform that every company around the world wants to be. that to me is a great potential for the united states economy and for job creation and growth here at home. >> with that we will close down. thank you for all of these thoughts. well done. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] we will have highlights of the conference on sunday at about 2:30 eastern. also our web site, has all of the panels covered over the last two days and you can watch of those any time. a live picture of the white house on this friday where today president obama will be meeting with the iraqi prime minister nori al maliki to discuss the framework agreement and a number of regional issues. we will bring at a summit meeting as the ocher. coming up later this mor
in an immigration charge or a deportation proceeding. somebody gets into their head the idea that you are doing something wrong, that can create a problem. government is made up of people who are fallible. individuals can abuse the power that has been given to them. that includes rogue actors. edward snowden did not do what the government expected. in los angeles there was the public disorder and intelligence division that compiled information and used it for political purposes. information that is collected for law enforcement and security purposes is often used on political groups. >> if i could provide some perspective. the fbi operates through mandates that are codified in statute laws written by our congress and signed by the president into law. that process has produced, appropriately and necessarily, oversight, not just in the executive branch of government itself. the department of justice is obviously in the fbi as well. but also with the congress and through the court system and the judicial branch. that is to make sure that they and and day out, the work we are doing -- day in and da
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